My name is Janine Woods and I’m a 30 something wife, mother and grandmother (it still shocks me to say the latter part of that sentence).

I live in the south East of England with my husband Dan and our kids, Toni (19) Harry (4) Lexie (2) and our grandaughter (9 months). We also have our wonderful Basset Hound (Teya) to keep us company and I say that with heavy sarcasm because she’s a right royal pain in my arse but the husband loves her so what can you do?

I started blogging for self-therapy after the shock of finding out that our youngest daughter was born with congenital hypothyroidism and then I turned to blogging once again when I realised our son wasn’t reaching milestones at the same rate as other kids his age. It has recently become apparent that neither is his sister. Genetic blood testing has since confirmed that both Harry and Lexie have a chromosomal deletion although it seems that Harry is much more affected.

This blog is a place for me to pour my heart out and share my woes and worries with the world but in amongst all of that I hope for it to also be a place where I can share joy, love and even a few laughs.

Thanks for reading,